OBMedical® Company Announces LABORVIEW® Special Incentives for AWHONN Attendees

June 21, 2017 – Newberry, Florida USA – OBMedical Company, a leader in external maternal-fetal monitoring systems for laboring women, is pleased to announce special pricing  for AWHONN attendees interested in purchasing LaborView electronic fetal monitoring system. LaborView is an advanced wireless maternal-fetal monitoring system for singleton mothers at 36 completed weeks.  LaborView works non-invasively via surface electrodes on the maternal abdomen to measure both maternal and fetal heart rate as well as contractions.

“LaborView continues to receive great reviews from hospital professionals that appreciate the ease of use offered by LaborView,” said OBMedical CEO Mark Samuels. “LaborView is the clear choice in wireless fetal monitoring.” The FDA-cleared LaborView system is placed on the mother’s abdomen and wirelessly interfaces to most commonly-used existing maternal-fetal monitoring units. The wireless feature allows mom to move freely around the room, bounce on a birthing ball or even take a shower. Monitoring is completely non-invasive and is unaffected by maternal BMI making it an excellent option for monitoring moms of ALL sizes.

Special pricing for LaborView is being showcased at this year’s AWHONN convention. This introductory pricing offer allows Labor and Delivery professionals the ability to place LaborView in their L&D units while operating within tight hospital budgetary constraints.

AWHONN, the Recognized Premier Event for Obstetric, Neonatal and Women’s Health Nurses will take place in New Orleans, Louisiana June 25-27th.  AWHONN attendees can schedule a one-on-one meeting during the AWHONN convention in New Orleans to learn more about LaborView or set up a free demo at their hospital. LaborView is wireless and does not need repositioning making maternal mobility much easier while increasing comfort.  Kevin O’Connor, VP of Sales and Marketing, notes that “nurses see LaborView as an ideal choice for mothers with an active birth plan.”

A 2014 study sponsored by OBMedical demonstrated that LaborView provides a more reliable interpretation of uterine activity than TOCO and more accurately reports fetal heart rate than ultrasound. Additionally, patients reported improved comfort compared to standard belts.

For more information contact or call 1-844-230-8097.

About OBMedical Company

OBMedical is a privately-held women’s health company with offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Gainesville, Florida, near the University of Florida. OBMedical’s mission is to improve the health and safety of mothers and babies during pregnancy and labor. The Company’s LaborView wireless electrode system is an external wireless fetal monitoring sensor system that captures the maternal and fetal heart rates and uterine contractions. The LaborView system works on all mothers regardless of BMI and we believe it is the best choice for the most comfortable, accurate, and reliable monitoring during labor. LaborView represents the first in a suite of products for women and their babies.


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