OBMedical® Company Announces Expanded Distribution in the Southeastern United States

February 27, 2018 – Norcross, Georgia, USA – OBMedical Company, a leader in external maternal-fetal monitoring systems for laboring women, has teamed with The BIMECO Group, Inc. to significantly increase its distribution network in the Southeastern United States. OBMedical has developed the LaborView®, an advanced wireless maternal-fetal monitoring system for singleton mothers at 36+ completed weeks. LaborView works non-invasively via surface electrodes on the maternal abdomen to measure both maternal and fetal heart rate as well as contractions. In addition, OBMedical is working on a personal health version of the LaborView that can connect to a smart phone for use in the home.

“The addition of The BIMECO Group, Inc. significantly improves our ability to reach potential customers in the Southeast. We believe that LaborView is the clear choice in wireless fetal monitoring and it has the potential to greatly benefit nurses and moms alike.” said OBMedical CEO Mark Samuels.  The FDA-cleared LaborView system is placed on the mother’s abdomen and wirelessly interfaces to most commonly used existing maternal-fetal monitoring bedside units.

A 2014 study sponsored by OBMedical demonstrated that LaborView provides a more reliable interpretation of uterine activity versus Toco when compared to the IUPC and provides more accurate detection of fetal heart rate versus Ultrasound Transducers when compared to Fetal Scalp Electrode.¹

Additionally, patients report improved comfort compared to standard belts used with traditional external monitoring equipment.

About OBMedical Company

OBMedical is a privately-held women’s health company with offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Gainesville, Florida near the University of Florida.  OBMedical’s mission is to improve the health and safety of mothers and babies during pregnancy and labor. The Company’s LaborView wireless electrode system is an external wireless fetal monitoring sensor system that captures the maternal and fetal heart rates and uterine contractions.  The LaborView system works on mothers across the range of BMI classifications including Class III²; and we believe it is the best choice for the most comfortable, accurate, and reliable monitoring during labor.   LaborView represents the first in a suite of products for women and their babies.

Reference 1 – ACOG Practice Bulletin No. 105, “Bariatric Surgery and Pregnancy,” June 2009
Reference 2 – FDA Clinical Performance Study

About The Bimeco Group

The Bimeco Group is a sales organization focused on innovative medical products for womens’ and infants’ health, infection prevention, and architectural solutions for the acute care environment. To care for the smallest patient in the Neonatal ICU or the adult patient in critical care we offer the quality products and services that your organization needs. It is our mission to search out, assess and bring to market breakthrough products.

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