Wireless external fetal monitoring across a wide range of weight classifications; even some of the most challenging to monitor patients. Clinical Performance Studies included moms with BMIs Class I, II, and III¹.

Now labor and delivery nurses can focus on patient care, not repositioning the fetal monitoring system.

  • Set it and forget it – Simply set the electrode array once and it stays connected, even during epidural placement or when mothers and babies move

  • One system; even for high BMI moms¹ – Monitors fetal heart rate, maternal heart rate, and uterine activity

  • More reliable, accurate, and easier to interpret than Toco and ultrasound¹ – Reliably detects uterine contractions and easier to interpret than ultrasound; at times possibly avoiding the need for IUPC and FSE

  • Compatible – Connects to the most widely used bedside monitors. The data captured by LaborView is displayed as usual by commonly used Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems.

  • Cost effective – Wireless monitoring without the need of upgrades minimizes the cost of adoption

LaborView’s innovative technology offers state-of-the-art signal capture and digital signal processing, is simple to set up, and provides safe monitoring without impeding mom’s mobility during labor.

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Improved clinical efficacy for high BMI moms¹

LaborView performs well on “fluffy” moms, often the most challenging to monitor, where Toco and utrasound often fail. Clinical Performance Studies included moms with BMIs Class I, II, and III¹.


Permits ambulation which may facilitate deliveryand improve patient satisfaction. LaborView allows mobility with no belts to reposition or cables to disconnect.


Uniquely priced to conform with your existing budget. Compatibility with commonly used bedside monitors and hospital central monitoring systems minimizes cost of adoption.


Accurately captures fetal heart rate (FHR), maternal heart rate (MHR) and uterine contractions (UA) – superior to Toco and ultrasound even in patients with high BMI¹

“Feedback from my staff is great, they love it.”

Jennifer G., L & D Nurse Manager, Wyoming

“LaborView represents the new standard of care in wireless fetal monitoring.”

L & D Nurse, Colorado

”We are using the Laborview, and loving it, so want to have all the equipment we need.”

Beth, L & D Nurse Manager, Michigan

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